airdroid notifier


your Android device and `airdroid` there are very few who don’t know what is. between the PC and the phone “cable” thing, which completely removes the device files, music, book, camera which allows full access to this amazing system, even the screen, even on “notification” thing of this plugin.
sms to your phone if the notification or if something else comes up; thanks to this plugin, sounds the same notification on the bottom right on your computer at the same time.

你的安卓设备和`决不会再次失`有极少数的人不知道是什么。 之间的电脑和电话的”电缆”的事情,这完全删除的设备文件、音乐、书籍、照相机,它允许全面进入这个惊人的系统,甚至屏幕,甚至在”通知”的事情这个插件。

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