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AIDA64 Extreme Edition

Advertising Aida64 software Everest Ultimate Edition is deleted and replaced from the stage of history. AIDA64, computer information about your system that we can understand, is a good program that gives detailed information about your […]

Chrome Remote Desktop

Advertising Access other computers or allow another user to access your computer securely over the internet. my favorite plug-ins is located between the Add-On. hung with a single click From your mobile phone, desktop under […]

Best Simple Facebook Notifications

truly the best I have tried by giving the right of the name “facebook notification” plugin. Other Add-ons of the screen, as the upper-right corner in her own skin to dress up a little facebook […]

Akari URL Shortener

clicking on it the current page’s link [] as spontaneously shorten and Ctrl+C it makes you just where you want it Ctrl+V şukela link shortener left to do. Klick auf die aktuelle Seite verlinken […]

airdroid notifier

your Android device and `airdroid` there are very few who don’t know what is. between the PC and the phone “cable” thing, which completely removes the device files, music, book, camera which allows full access […]