Glary Utilities


The optimization process required after a certain usage period on your computer, free system maintenance tool that allows you the opportunity to easily do so.
To protect your PC glary utilities fix, speed up, powerful and easy-to-use tools is a free software that includes. You common system junk files, remove invalid registry entries, or editing and web surfing with this free tool that provides the ability to eliminate traces of your system in a quick and simple way you can increase your performance.

This program allows you to organize and manage your browser extensions that can do the analysis of the free space on the disk with the same files, you can create more space by finding and similar. At the same time see and edit the shell extensions that belong to programs that are installed on your system, by encrypting your important files can prevent unauthorized access and use large files editable by separating it into smaller files you can combine later.

Important tool to optimize memory your program in the system that hosts tens, to be able to edit the startup programs, broken shortcuts, repair or removal of features in secure file removal, an empty folder Finder and features.


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