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The problem Google Chrome Flash Player Google Chrome error ,Google Chrome error I can’t open videos Adobe Flash player in Google Chrome Google Chrome won’t open videos
Google Chrome Flash Player problem these days,Videos hanging out,it doesn’t open,I watched the video from Firefox from Google Chrome I can’t watch.
After a short research, I have solved this problem and the solution here for those with the same problem as me Yayinlica.

Google Chrome installed on your computer when your computer is building their own Flash Player If You get yourself another Flash Player installs on your computer, you Flash player in Google Chrome It Overlaps.
So, to tell it in a more open language: Google Chrome when I try to play it, the video at the same time, the Flash Player is trying to open another And do not overlap.You should bring your Flash Player for this one still ineffective.

Solution For Google Chrome Flash Player Requirements.
Click Settings At The Top Right
From Here Click On Options.
On The Page That Opens On The Left Side Click Advanced Options.
Click On The Button That Says Content Settings.
On the page that opens, enter it in the plugins section.
Select return Still ineffective add-ons separately
The newly opened page locate the section that says to go out there and flash.
One is a flash player for your browser now Google Chrome is working,you can watch the video Easily.


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